About me

Hi everybody!I am Manuela and I am a licensed tour guide.

I have a degree in History of Artfrom the University of Florence and I love the history and the traditions of thiscity.
When i was just a girl and i was at high school i learnt about the Florence history from my art lessons. I was so impressed!!!
The passion for this town grew up as fast as i had never expected so my

dream became to live in that marvellous place that it is Florence, surrounded
by the magnificence of Reneissance.
When I was a girl I studied art in the High School and my dream was to live in
Florence surrounded by the magnificence of Reneissance.
Today I’m living my dream because my dream is my job! I love to share with
travellers the beauties of the city including secrets, tales and hidden places
and I would like to share this dream with you!!!